How to put a definitive end to back pain
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How to put a definitive end to back pain

According to one expert, abusing watching programs in bed could be the main cause of back pain. According to Damian McClelland, director of the clinical service for musculoskeletal disorders at Bupa UK, if you want to relieve back pain you should stop lying in bed with your mobile phone or tablet.

“When we lie in bed to watch TV or check our emails from the mobile or tablet, we tend to take a stooped, looking downward stance, and this wrecks havoc on our posture,”he tells HuffPost UK. “What this means is that we are not properly holding our spine or our head, which is usually the heaviest part of our body. This puts a lot of pressure on the muscles and joints in the neck,”he argues.

McClelland says that the risk of damaging our backs increases if the mobile phone or tablet is used when these are connected to a socket, since “you are at the mercy of a very small cable”.

“If you have the feeling of having to change your posture often because you feel a tingling or numbness in one leg, or you’re just uncomfortable, it’s a sign your body is sending to remind you that you’re not in the right position,”adds the expert.

“Not only is it painful at the time, but incorrect posture can lead to long-term health problems and can end up causing pain in the lower back, shoulders and neck, which can affect your work and social life,”he warns.

The expert insists that if we do not change these habits, the consequences of adopting these incorrect postures can lead to severe chronic pain. However, the good news is that McClelland is not in favor of removing Netflix from your room altogether.

The specialist offers the following tips for using your mobile phone, tablet or watching TV in bed:

1. Hold your head up. Sit upright with cushions or, if you are lying down, make sure there are enough cushions to support your weight.

2. Try not to turn the body. Keep your back straight by putting pillows behind you if you are lying on your side, with a special emphasis on the center of your back, to keep it straight.

3. Keep your shoulders toward the shoulder blades and downward if you sit upright, not rounded or curved. Don’t bend over to look at the screen, it should be at eye level, just like when it’s on a table.

4. Do some stretching between series and series. Stretch your arms above your head and at the same time stretch your feet downward to stretch your entire body. Then, place your hands on the lower back and push out of your chest to stretch your lower back.

5. Try to charge your tablet or mobile phone before using them so that you don’t end up on the wire.

6. Reduce the time you use your mobile or laptop in bed. Just don’t use it right before bedtime, as it could also affect your sleep cycle.