How to choose a mesothelioma attorney?
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How to choose a mesothelioma attorney?

If you’ve been recently diagnosed with Mesothelioma, or had a loved one diagnosed with the cancer, it can be difficult to think about anything besides a treatment. Unfortunately, the costs of treating the cancer can be devastating to a family and in order to pay for it, you may need to take action and sue the organization who was negligent enough to allow their employees to be exposed. Before running into a trial though, you will need a good mesothelioma attorney to take you through the process. There are a lot of lawyers out there, but how do you know which ones are good enough to get you the kind of money you’ll need to take care of yourself and your family? It’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for before calling the first lawyer in the phone book.

What to Look For in a Mesothelioma Attorney

It’s never easy to know for sure how good an attorney will be on any particular case, but if you know what to look for, you can increase your chances of finding someone who will do their best to get you what you deserve. The very first thing to look for is experience. A mesothelioma attorney with five or more years of Mesothelioma case experience will have more insight to offer and can better guide you through the process. Of course, you’ll want to find out how successful they were during those years. Obviously, an attorney who wins at least 80% of their Mesothelioma cases will probably be a good lawyer to have on your side. Anyone below that rate might not be the best choice. Besides their success, you’ll want an attorney who is easy to work with. Look for someone with great customer service. Are they easy to get ahold of, do they communicate well, and do they have a history of doing everything they can to make their clients happy? The trial portion of a lawsuit is already very stressful, so you’ll want to make sure your attorney is someone who can ease that stress instead of contribute to it. Finally, any reputable attorney should be a member of the State Law Association, Better Business Bureau, and actively participate in law publications.

Search your potential attorney online to find out what organizations they’re a part of and whether they’ve published any newspaper or magazine articles. In general, you’ll want to find someone who is known for their expertise.

What Fees to Expect from a Mesothelioma Attorney

Because trials can be expensive, it’s a good idea to check out a potential attorney’s fees before getting underway. If you’re already paying for treatments, you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on an attorney just to fail at getting that settlement you need. Because these kinds of suits are so common these days, Mesothelioma attorneys are everywhere. If you shop around, you should have no trouble finding one that will work at an affordable rate. In general, high quality Mesothelioma attorneys won’t charge a processing or application fee or for simply giving you some information on your situation. If someone does try to charge you upfront, it’s most likely because clients don’t normally stick around long with them, so beware. If you’re concerned about any legal fees because of your financial situation, try to find an attorney that charges a contingency fee. A contingency fee is a contract that allows you to hire your attorney without paying for anything until you get your settlement. Then, they take an agreed-upon percentage of your total recovery. You should discuss probable case expenses upfront to make sure there are no surprises when it comes time to pay your bill. The other great thing about contingencies is that if you do not win your case, the attorney is not paid. This kind of agreement ensures your attorney will work hard for you, because they want to get paid too!

What to Ask a Mesothelioma Attorney

Now that you know what to look for and what to expect, it might be a good idea to get yourself organized for your first conversation with a potential mesothelioma attorney. The more information you have ready-to-go, the better your attorney will be able to serve you anyway, so it’s a good idea to get your ducksin a row as soon as possible when you know you intend to go into a Mesothelioma case. The following checklist of questions can help you find out what you need to know:

How many years of experience do you have with this type of case? Specifically, how many Mesothelioma cases have you personally handled as lead attorney? How many of those cases actually went to trial? What kind of verdicts do you get in these cases? Are you a member of the State Law Association and Better Business Bureau? Have you had any law articles published? If so, where can I find them? How many Mesothelioma cases are you currently working on? Do you feel you have enough time to dedicate to my case with your current workload? If you do not have enough time to work on my case, can you refer a reputable and successful attorney who might? Will you personally be handling my case or will you hand it off to another attorney or affiliated law firm? If your firm delegates cases to affiliated law firms, what are the names and numbers of those firms? If we have to go to an appeal, do you have experience with appeals and legal issues work? Will you have time to dedicate to my appeal if it occurs? What is your track record for successful appeals? In cases like this, are you willing to work under a contingency contract? What is your average percentage cut of a client’s total recovery? What do you expect from your clients when handling a case like this?

Of course there are many characteristics that make a mesothelioma attorney, and in order to know if one is right for you, you really need to meet them, ask your questions, and do some background checking. If they’re willing to give you a list of clients as references, you can dig even deeper into their style. As long as you know what you’re looking for though and trust your instincts, you should be able to find mesothelioma attorney who will take care of your needs and guide you through the process as expertly as possible.